Discover How to Restore 2011 Data Like Emails & Contacts

Published on April 26, 2015


Users of Outlook 2011 often face unresponsive issues from the client. It easily gets corrupted and many times does not open without giving error message. From a user's point of view, it is really difficult to manage such issue. If these issues are not fixed, that may result in total failure of the client. One common issue with Outlook 2011 is deletion of data like emails and contacts from the OLM file.

If you are facing the same issue and often wonder how to restore 2011 data like emails and contacts then you are probably at the right place. The restoration can be done either manually or using a commercial solution. A brief description of both the methods is provided below.


Restoring Data Using MS Database Utility

Microsoft Database Utility is a built in service provided by Outlook for Mac which allows users to get back emails and contacts from OLM files. The basic steps followed for restoration include:

Exit all Microsoft Office Applications.

Navigate to Microsoft Database Utility window. The following steps can be followed for the navigation:

  • Move to the following location to find Microsoft Database Utility: Applications\Microsoft Office 2011\Office
  • Holding the Option key and clicking Outlook icon in Dock will navigate users to Microsoft Database Utility.

If more then one identity is present in the list, select the identities which are not highlighted.

Click button and select Set as default from the list.

Close the Window and start Outlook.

NOTE: Repeat the above mentioned steps until you find all the information or you have tried all the identities.


  • This technique may result in data loss.
  • Although the step is simple but needs to be performed a number of times.

What to Do If Microsoft Database Utility Fails?

Many a times, it is noticed that if a user tries to open an OLM file, Outlook denies to open it. In such scenario it is better to convert the OLM file into different format and open it using some other client. For this purpose, selection of a commercial solution is a smart move.

One such tool is Outlook Mac Exporter. The tool finds utility in converting OLM files into PST and other popular formats like EML and MSG so that the file can be opened in various platforms. It is equipped with advance algorithm that converts various items of OLM files like emails, contacts, calendars etc. Some capabilities of the tool include: allows users to export selective folders or items, maintains the folder hierarchy of the OLM file, permits users to view items with attributes, provides options to manage resultant PST file. In addition to it, the tool is provided with a user friendly interface making it the best choice for the conversion.